Ah Cacao Recipes

Here are some ideas for using your Ah Cacao products in delicious recipes.

Create drinks and desserts with the flavor you enjoy in Ah Cacao Chocolate Café!

If you have a recipe you'd like to share, don't hesitate to send it to us!

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For every serving use:

Heat the milk or water in a pan until the first bubble pops. Remove from heat. Using a molinillo* or whisk beat in the chocolate until completely dissolved. Heat again until a froth begins to rise. Remove from the heat and beat a second time. Half-fill each cup then beat the remaining chocolate until frothy. Add the remaining foamed chocolate to each cup.

Your drinking chocolate can be spiced up by adding any of the following ingredients during the heating phase:

Real Vanilla Extract or Bean, Orange or Lime Zest, Honey, Chile Pasilla, Nutmeg.

* A Molinillo (available in Ah Cacao® stores) is a wooden chocolate whisk which is rotated by rubbing the staff between the palms of the hand.