Our story

Bringing joy to life with naturally delicious treats

Ah Cacao was founded in Playa del Carmen, Mexico in 2004 to offer you natural well-being with fine flavor cacao (chocolate), coffee and vanilla, all direct from the plantations. The majority of our products are produced by hand in our solar-powered chocolate workshop in Playa del Carmen in the Mexican Caribbean. Ah Cacao products can be purchased online, through our own stores in Mexico and partner stores.

Our mission

Bring joy to life sharing naturally delicious treats and caring for our environment.

Wildlife conservation

Ah Cacao is a strong supporter of sustainable wildlife conservation. Below are some of the initiatives we have taken to reduce our impact on the planet:

  • Partnering with Conservation International Mexico to help farmers grow cacao using sustainable practices.

  • Developing environmental education materials with Flora, fauna y cultura de México, A.C. for use in schools in Mexico. See Eco-retos.

  • Supporting Plant-for-the-Planet, a global, youth-directed, tree planting and environmental education organization.  

  • Ah Cacao's efforts have been recognized with the "Empresa Socialmente Responsable" (Socially Responsible Company) distinction. 

  • Promoting the use of reusable shopping bags.

  • Promoting bicycle use by providing free public racks.

  • Switching to LED lighting.

  • Covering the entire roof of our factory and office with solar panels, generating the entire facility's electric energy with zero emissions.

  • Designing our factory and office to use natural ventilation instead of air conditioning.

  • Give free glasses of water to our guests instead of bottled water.

Our Team
Our Team