FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions


Are you open? What are your hours?

Yes! All Ah Cacao stores are open. Click here for locations and hours.

Do you have delivery?

Yes! In Playa del Carmen you can order anything from Ah Cacao with PlayitaExpress or Rappi. Outside Playa del Carmen, you can purchase our packaged goods from our online store.

What are you doing to protect against COVID?

At Ah Cacao we have been working hard to create a safe environment for you to enjoy our delicious treats. Click here to read about the protective measures being taken.

Are you vegan and gluten free?

The majority, but not all, of our packaged products are vegan and gluten free. In our chocolate café stores you'll find a range vegan and/or gluten free options. Click here to peruse our menu.

Where can I buy your products?

Click here for a full list of places that sell Ah Cacao products. Please note that not all products are sold at all locations.

Is Ah Cacao Mexican?

Yes, Ah Cacao is a proudly Mexican company based in Playa del Carmen. All our cacao is grown in Mexico on family-run farms. Read about Ah Cacao's story here!

Can I buy a franchise?

At present Ah Cacao has no plans to offer franchises but, in case this changes, you may register your interest in operating a franchise here. If you are interested in participating significantly in Ah Cacao's growth, and have access to the required funds and experience, please contact us.

Can I sell Ah Cacao products?

Yes! We love to make the joy of Ah Cacao chocolate and coffee available to as many people as possible. Please send us a message and we will respond with the details of how you can sell our products.

What's the difference between "Cacao" and "Cocoa"?

There is no difference! "Cocoa" is simply an English-language varient of the word "Cacao" and the two terms are completely interchangable and are used to refer to the tree Theobroma Cacao and its seeds (known as "cocoa beans" in English). At Ah Cacao we use the term "Cacao" exclusively as this is the original word, handed down to us from at least the Olmec civilization who cultivated cacao in Mexico over 3,000 years ago.

Are your products organic?

All the cacao and coffee used in Ah Cacao products is grown organically and the plantations are visited regularly to ensure that best practices are followed. However only a few of our growers have organic certification due to the high costs involved. We hope to resolve this in the future.

Are you fair trade?

The cacao and coffee used in Ah Cacao products is purchased directly from the farmers at fair prices. There are no middle-men involved.

Is your cacao free from slavery?

Yes! All our cacao is bought directly from small cacao farmers in the states of Chiapas and Tabasco, Mexico at fair prices. Farm workers are paid a living wage and all children in Mexico attend school at least up to secondary level and many up to third level.

Are you hiring?

Yes! We are always looking for motivated people to join our team and fuel our mission to bring joy through natural treats. Please visit our employment page for details.