Yes! We ship whereever international express couriers reach. After you place an order, and before payment, we will send you an e-mail with the shipping costs based on your location and the products you desire. Please be advised that international shipping usually costs a minimum of $50 USD so it makes sense to order many products at a time.

Our prices are in Mexican pesos and you can pay with a credit card in any currency and your credit card issuer will charge you based on the current exchange rate.

Please note that our responsibility is to deliver your package in perfect condition to the transport company. We cannot take responsibility for damage in transit, customs delays and duties, etc. We ship frequently to North America and Europe and the only problem we've experienced is that about one in twenty packages to the US are opened for customs inspection, causing a delay of a few days and occasionally damage to the product packaging.

There are many different varieties of cacao beans, characterized by differences in appearance and flavor. The varieties of cacao cultivated by the Maya in pre-hispanic Mexico are considered to be "fine flavor" varieties. Today fine flavor varieties of cacao represent only about 5% of the world's production due to their susceptibility to disease. Ah Cacao uses mainly fine flavor varieties of beans as their milder, less bitter, flavor means we can use less or no sugar in our products.

Most of the cacao grown commercially today are disease resistant varieties grown in Africa (in plantations established by Europeans after cacao's discovery in Mexico and South America). These beans have a much stronger, bitter taste, requiring the use of more sugar and or milk to soften the flavor.