About Ah Cacao, the company

Ah Cacao was founded in Playa del Carmen, Mexico in 2003 to offer you natural well-being with productsderived from fine flavor cacao (chocolate), coffee and vanilla, all direct from the plantations. Ah Cacao products can be purchased through our own stores in Mexico and partner stores. We can also send mail order. Please contact us for a current price list.

Our mission

Provide well-being all over the world with natural products and pleasant experiences, while supporting wildlife conservation.

Wildlife conservation

 Ah Cacao is a strong supporter of sustainable wildlife conservation. Below are some of the initiatives we have taken to reduce our impact on the planet:

  • Ah Cacao in association with Flora, fauna y cultura de México, A.C. has developed materials for use in schools in Mexico to teach children how to reduce their impact on the planet.<
  • Ah Cacao has financially supported the "Escuela Verde" (Green Schools) program of Flora, fauna y cultura de México, A.C. in Quintana Roo, Mexico.
  • Ah Cacao is an active supporter, through donations and other assitance, of several local and international environmental organizations.
  • Ah Cacao's efforts have been recognized with the "Empresa Socialmente Responsable" (Socially Responsible Company) distinction.
  • Ah Cacao Chocolate Café promotes the use of reusable cups.
  • Ah Cacao Chocolate Café promotes the use of reusable shopping bags.
  • Ah Cacao Chocolate Café promotes bicycle use by providing free public racks.
  • Ah Cacao is in the process of switching to LED lighting, company wide.
  • The Ah Cacao factory and office is powered with rooftop solar cells on the roof and uses natural ventilation and lighting whereever possible.

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